Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just about got the living room painted. Three walls are done, the worst part of number 4 wall is waiting. Its at the wood stove and will be a bugger. A lot of cracks in the old plaster. I thing the stove is too heavy for the floor. I need to move it out, cut a hole in the floor, dig down, pour a footer, lay block up to the floor, then tile, then put the stove back on a really nice solid hearth, then put down a nice new floor. Or hire someone to do same. Yeh, that's a plan, 'cause I sure don't know how to do it, nor do I want to. Now, to find someone with enough brains to listen to me and do this the way I want it. That's the problem! Oh, yeh, the $%^&* ceiling needs finished also.
Went over to the Historical Society today and sat at the house of this famous person from this county with Anita. She's a real trip, 88 years young and kept me laughing the whole time. We had 3 visitors the whole day. Archie was plumb tuckered out. And, when we left, I fell down the outside steps. Thought there were two, knew there were three, fell down and remembered thinking 'this is going to hurt unless I can land in the grass' which I did. I think I jammed by big toe on my left foot that needs the surgery on the three hammer toes. It's black and blue and sore to the touch.

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