Monday, June 28, 2010


Charlie could care less.

Elijah wants to know..duz it hurts mommee

Got in this morning to see the foot doctor, they took 3 x-rays and determined nothing is broke. I jammed the big toe and that's better than a break. It's at the achey stage now but I can get around better with the special pressure wrap and the shoe she gave me to wear. Have to ice it for the next couple of days and should be back to normal within a week or so.
I guess most people would have went to the ER but I think those people are a bunch of asses. When you walk in there with all of your appendages in tact, nothing coming out of you, whether liquid or whatever, nothing in you that shouldn't be and you're not having chest pains. They take your bp, listen to your heart and tell you to see your doctor in the morning. So, I just bypassed that step and saw the doctor this morning.
Then went to the dentist for my cleaning, twice a year 'cause I don't floss. She pulled a filling right out of my tooth. I told them it was a conspiracy to get me back in there and who's going to pay for the filling? They laughed. I was serious!
Calling for bad storms this afternoon, sure is hot. We badly need the rain. My yard is turning brown along with a lot of others.
Five people were killed in an accident last night. Three couples on motorcycles, all wearing helmets, only one lady made it to the hospital and she is critical. They can't figure out what happened, the van was hit in the front by a cycle, on the right side by a cycle and on the left side by a cycle. The van driver is in serious condition but maybe he'll remember. Such a tradegy.

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