Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sitting in the restaurant this evening with the gang and Bob's phone rings. It's his MIL from Philly. He handed the phone to his wife, who's eyes get all big, and she says "Yeh, OK ma. Thanks." Judy hangs up and says "There's a tornado warning, its coming right for us!" We all looked at each other and kept on eating. Didn't hear any sirens, nothing on the radio, we are such putzes. That thing could've been coming down main street and we'd still be sitting there drinking coffee. I guess in this area, there's never been an 'outbreak' of tornados or, for that matter, just a couple of small earthquakes over by the river, so we're pretty complacent. That's not a good thing.
After I got home (it never even rained at home) and talked to dad, he told me the sirens just blew and blew. I don't remember anyone telling us that when those sirens blow, it's a tornado warning. I know now. I need to prepare better and figure how to corral 4 cats into their carriers and get the two dogs and all the 'other stuff'. Yeh, I need a plan.

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