Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I truly hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I was a little busy with packing stuff up for the coming sale, plus more painting and spackling. I did remember to hang out the good old stars and stripes. I think I'll continue to do that everyday. Maybe even get a solar spot light and leave the flag out all the time, except in inclimate weather, of course. It is easy to spot when you come down the road and people need a reminder some times, As much as this country is in trouble, it's still the greatest nation on earth. For now.
I got an email from a friend about praying for America everyday for 140 days, starting today. This is the site. Can't be a bad thing if you're a believer, if you're not a believer, well, then, do you own thing. Whatever works for you!
Tomorrow is Dad's birthday, Archie and I will go over as usual. He'll be painting on a tractor hood, if it's not too hot. What a guy. The world will get along with out him when he goes, but I don't know what Sharon will do without her daddy.
Neighbor came down this morning, wants to buy the car. Told him it's not for sale. He then told me that his two stepsons wrecked their cars. They ran into each other. And, he wants to buy this car? Not a chance, I wouldn't sell it to him if he offered $10,000. This is the car my friend, that died last July, had. I haven't gotten the estate settle yet. He told me, 'well it's been sitting for a year' 'Yeh, well, I don't want to sell it.' What a ditz.

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