Friday, July 16, 2010


Went to town to the restaurant tonight. Didn't expect anything to happen but, my friends had two birthday cakes and the restaurant crew all sang to me. Even some of the patrons joined in. It was really, really nice.
Not much else going on. The auction guys came yesterday and pick up what I had ready to go. The house is looking empty and that was only Phase 1. The chimney sweep is coming on Monday. He is such a cool guy. Arrives in a white tee shirt and pressed jeans and leaves the same. I don't know how he does it. He also checks the chimney and the stove to make sure everything is OK. Can't be too careful.
New door is in, and I need to order more siding for when we take out the back sliding door and put in windows.
All the 'kids' are fine, loving the A/C. Just got my electric bill today and it only went up $20 from last month. It's been stinking hot this past couple of weeks, and is suppose to continue into next week. We did get some more rain. The crops are loving it.

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