Friday, July 23, 2010


Sorry about not blogging much lately for those of you who care. Seems something is going on everyday, and, for that, I am greatful. Still meeting my friends up at the restaurant every night. It's been sparce a couple of nights tho. Ross's truck died, swallowed a valve and ruin the motor. Cummins wouldn't do anything about it, so, he's selling the old Freightliner and going to work for someone else. He's not been there all week until tonight. His wife, Artie, missed three nights because of his schedule. Judy was sick a couple of days and tonight was the first time she and her husband, Bob, showed up. Lois came a couple of nights, once with hubby Bill. But tonight he was away at a bowling tournament. It was good to all be together, plus we saw a few people we hadn't seen in a while.
Tomorrow I go sit at 'a famous person from this county's' house for a tour day. OMG its suppose to be 99 degrees out and there is NO air conditioning. Just because they didn't have it in 1700. Go figure. Probably nobody will show up anyhow.
Mowed the yard yesterday, second time this month. Even got ambitious and cleaned the mower and gave it a bath.
Had a fellow show up to talk to me about a medicare supplement. Still haven't picked one yet. But, I like him and I don't think he'll do me wrong. If you want good insurance, you have to know and trust your agent. And, since I have the house and vehicles with the same company he's with, it'll be a good fit.
I'd sure like somebody to tell me where the last 45 years went. Seems like it was just last week I was cruising around my hometown in my 'vette having a good old time. Now, I'm on medicare!

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