Thursday, July 8, 2010


Went to the dentist today. Remember when the hygenist pulled my filling out last week? Well, today he fixed it, NO CHARGE. I wonder what he would've done if I hadn't make a stink about it.
Had my catfish tonight, the whole gang was there. Such fun. Hope we can keep doing it. Sure does brighten the day.
Bill brought up the 'changes' that were coming with this health-care bill and how you will be taxed on the amount of the value of your insurance. Artie was shocked beyond words, she knew nothing about it. And, she is our hometown's treasurer.
Our gubment is just slip-slidin' and sneakin' around and the average human bean is in the dark, just where the PTB want them. Get your #$%^&* heads out of your @#$%, folks. It's not going to be long.

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