Sunday, July 25, 2010


That's a 'noogie' in Archie's mouth. We had finished our brunch and my friends, Bob and Weezie, little grandson, who was 3 last month, had gotten up from a short nap. He had his noogie in his mouth and took it out to show Archie. Next thing we know, it's in Archie's mouth. We were all laughing so hard at those two, but Bob had the sense to get his camera and snap some pics.


HossBoss said...

Hey, Archie was just bein' polite. If the kid wanted to share, Archie was graciously willing!

: )

SHARON said...

These people are very special to Archie. They are the ones who rescued him and gave him to us. Weezie use to come home from the house he was at, crying, cause he was kept in a cage ALL day. When the guy wanted to find a home for him, they thought of us and we got him. Now everyone is happy.