Saturday, August 28, 2010


Fred came down this morning and put the new door in. Then started on the decking. We are putting in a ramp instead of steps. Can't wait until I can use it. Right now, that first step is a doozie. Next, I have to pick out a window to put in where the sliding door is. Can't wait to get rid of it also. Already have it sold.
Cousin John is coming down on Monday to look at building a new hearth. He was suppose to come down today but there is a lot going on for him right now. His wife's dad died last week and they're all stressed out over that. His daughter is leaving for Germany for 3 years as her husband is in the service. A lot going on for sure.
Went for supper tonight and the restaurant was packed. They haven't been too busy all summer but lately there's hardly a place to sit.
Did a boo-boo today. Came home with the lumber hanging out the back of the truck and backed into the car. GRRRRRRRRRR!!! How could I be so stupid? Put some scratches in the hood and a small dent. Something else to get fixed.
New bed came Friday. Couldn't tell any difference 'cause the back was growling and achey from lifting the door in and out. A few more nights will be able to notice. Cleo sleeps on the couch and Archie sleeps with me. The cats bunk where ever they want, but Charlie cried half the night cause he couldn't come into the bedroom. 'Be strong Charles, for you are a bed hog and that's the way it is.'

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HossBoss said...

Glad you're getting some things done like you want. Ouch about backing into your car ...haven't done that, but have come close more than once!

: )