Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sorry for not posting all that much. Been busy, with ripping the house apart. New door is in but siding is not back on and deck boards are not on yet.
Cousin John is going to do the new hearth in a couple of weeks, so I tore the back part of the hearth out yesterday. When I get the tile people in to do the hearth I'm going to have them also do the back wall behind the stove. Then we're putting down a new floor.
When I'm not in here ripping and tearing, I'm thinking about ripping and tearing. I'll be glad to get all of these projects done.
Went to the doctors yesterday about this pain in my chest and a nagging cough. Thought it might be pneumonia, and so did he. Going for a chest x-ray tomorrow and a stress test on Thursday.
Dad got both his JD620's finished. I put the last decal on Tuesday. They look good and both sound great. Now, its on to the Farmall H.
Had supper at the restaurant with Artie, Ross is driving truck, Bill and Lois, Bill had to leave to go bowling. Bob and Judy showed up and she got her hair cut. She looks so good, everyone in the restaurant loves it. Bob is not talking to her. Boy, is he ever angry. Men, if you can send one man to the moon....why not all of them? And, as Maxine would say....................

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