Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Don't really have anything to say tonight. Must be a writer's block. Went over to Dad's today and there he was grinding the paint off of the Farmall. No mask. This is a man who bitches, worse than any woman with PMS, about his sinus trouble. He was wearing safety goggles, but, only because a couple of years ago he got metal in his eye. His optometrist immediately took him to a specialist and, using a magnet, removed the metal shards. Must've scared the be-jeebers outta him. When I reminded him he should be wearing a mask, he got a little surly with me. I didn't stay long. Went to the vet and got flea stuff 'cause the herd is scratching. Then went out to supper. Bob still isn't talking to Judy since she got her hair cut. If I was still married, today would've been our 42nd wedding anniversary!

That's pretty much my life. Oh, Thursday, I go for a stress test. Had one 2 years ago but they used drugs instead of a treadmill. This time I want to do the treadmill, if I can.

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HossBoss said...

Poor Judy. Doesn't Bob know hair grows back? If he talks real sweet to her, she MIGHT be more inclined to let it! lol

I have yet to have a stress test, chemical or otherwise. I know that when I take my blood pressure at home it's good, even great. When the nurse takes it at the clinic, it's okay ...rarely great. I even took my bp contraption in there so they could take my blood pressure with theirs and then with mine to see if they read the same. They did. I guess clinics make me nervous?

I would think a stress test would make me REAL nervous. Oh well...you'll do fine. I'll expect a good report in the next few days.