Thursday, September 23, 2010


So sorry to hear of 'Did it My Way' Tony's passing. He will be missed.

I got to thinking the other day. My GOD, I'm spending my children's inheritance!!!!!! No, wait........I have no children!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had the landscape guy here today. Whew!!!! Gonna be some changes made!!!
Got one more board to put on and the ramp is done to the deck. Then Fred has to put the siding back on and install the new light on the side and on the porch.
Next, tear out the sliding door (the groomer wants it so I think I'll barter some doggie haircuts for it) then tear out the steps, put in the new window and new tile.
Cousin coming in two weeks to do the hearth, that'll be interesting. Talked to the tile people a few days ago and need to get back to them.
Tom is coming Monday to look at the driveway.
I'm stressed and tired. This is worse than working a full time job. Heck, it is a full time job. But, when the house is done, it'll be great. Then its on to the barn.

I have made the decision to stay put when TSHTF. Might as well have the place the way I want it. I'll be here for a while or until the rapture hits.

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