Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday was spent on the road. Went over to check on Dad after a bizzarre phone call the night before. He was much better and more like his old self. When he's not feeling well, the whole world needs to stop. Mom wasn't at all like that, she always just kept on until she felt better. And, to be fair, Dad does too, but he always lets you know how bad he's feeling.
Left Dad's and Archie and I went for a ride. Stopped at a friends apartment and chatted with her. She is 93 and getting so much more fragile, I can see her slipping a little bit compared to the last time I was there.
On the way home we stopped at Ross and Artie's, they have 2 dogs. Belle is a yorkie-poo and Mr. Muttley is a cocka-poo. Belle and Archie got into a fight and Ross had to separate them. I told Archie he wasn't a very nice guest, they told Belle she was a shitty hostess.
Sue called, wanted to meet for supper. So we met at this little 'Dairy Queen-like' for cheeseburgers and, of course, ice cream. All in all it was a fun, spurr-of-a-moment type of day.

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