Monday, September 19, 2011


Fred came down yesterday and helped me move the rug and pad out of the bedroom and in to the truck. I got it cleaned about 3-4 years ago and never put it back down in the living room. Now, with the new floor being too pretty, I'm not covering it up with the rug, plus with all of the critters, it would be just something else to struggle with to keep clean. I'm giving it to one of the waitress's at the restaurant.

Fred then cut up the moulding for the rest of the windows so they'd be easier to stain and store until he can put them on. It'll be a good inside job for winter. I was having to move the pieces every time I needed to get the mower out. He then fixed the crack in the crock for the woodstove. I'm gonna give it another day, then gently fire it up. It's getting a little chilly. I guess I'll mow this after. Suppose to rain the rest of the week. Sorry Texas.

Wash is done, need to get a shower and head out.


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