Friday, April 16, 2010


Sitting here at my desk, holding Archie, serfing the net and the blogs, and saw where I didn't post all week. My bad.
Wednesday, Ezra came down from the stove store and cleaned out the cataletic converter on my stove and put a new gasket on. That is such a neat name, Ezra. I told him if I ever get another German Shepherd I was going to name him that. He laughed and told me his BIL beat me to it. On his way down, he got lost and called me. I gave him directions again, and he still wasn't here. So, I went it to the house to get his number and just as I was going to call him, he shows up. I'm standing in the driveway when he pulls in. I put the phone down somewhere and haven't found it since. I suspect I put it on the tarp of the truck bed and then when I left, so did it. I liked that phone too.
Thursday, of course is cat-fish night, and, I always feed the crew before I leave. Lily is outside most of the afternoon 'cause I was hanging bird houses around in the trees. Come time to leave and NO LILY. I called (she usually comes), looked in the barn, twice. Looked in the house to make sure she didn't go back in, NO LILY. I left Cleo out, cause they're buddies, and I went to the restaurant. Couldn't really enjoy myself, came right home and unlocked the barn to see if she really was in there, and, here she comes around the corner. I think she was hiding under the car the whole time. Little shit. I told the gang, if I can't find her, I'm not getting out of bed on Friday. LOL.
Saturday it's chicken and waffles at one of the fire halls. They have it twice a year and one dinner is enuf to feed two people. I'll get two orders and take them up to Sarah's, since her sister is in Arizona. We plan on eating and then taking their 3 dogs and Archie for a walk down town. The rain is coming in later today, so I hope it clears out for tomorrow afternoon.
Sunday, Dad and I are going looking for houses he lived in. I have pictures of most of them. But I don't know where two of them are. I need to buy another camera too. Might as well buy another phone while I'm at it. I HATE to shop. Crap, guess I'll go now. Later

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