Monday, April 12, 2010

I HAVE A BIG MOUTH...........

Went to lunch on Saturday with all of the girls. We've lost 3 in the past two years, Joyce and Pat died of cancer. Joanie was a cancer survivior and her autopsy diagnosed her death as heart related. That said, a new person was along for the lunch with my friend Sue. They were leaving for the airport after lunch and flying to Arizona for a dude ranch vacation. New person excused herself and went 'outside'. When she came back, I said to her, "You smoke, don't you." She said 'Yes, but I'm trying to quit, again.' I went balistic, starting ranting about all that Pat went thru for 23 years and even tho she quit smoking in 1972, when she found the lump in 1986 and it was malignant, the doctors blamed everything on her history of smoking. I feel bad now about it, 'cause I only met the lady an hour before. I guess when you watch someone fight battles daily; the doctor visits, the drugs, the test, the operations; and you know they are probably going to lose this war anyhow. Then I see somebody doing something that will most likely put them into the very same war, that they also will lose, I tend to go a little nuts. I will apoligize to her somehow. I guess I'll just keep my big mouth shut and let people do whatever they want. I had several people tell me to quit and I did, when I was ready. So, who am I to tell someone what to do?

On a lighter note, I mowed the yard on Saturday, but didn't get it done. So, today, I mowed the yard again. Figured I might as well mow the whole thing 'cause rain is coming in tomorrow afternoon. I'm up in the pines and mowing along the fence, clouds of dust, crap flying everywhere and a small piece of wood flies UP my nose. I stop the mower and go digging in my right nostril for this thing but all I manage to do is push it up farther. I had visions of laying on an operating table and someone drilling out my sinus to get this thing. Finally, I had a brain fart, and blew my nose. Out it came, I saved it, it's about 1/4" long and 1/8" wide. The way I'm hitting my head on tree branches and stuff flying around everywhere, maybe I'll need to wear more protective clothing.


HossBoss said...

That's a tough one on the smoker rant. If she were long time friend, you might get by with it. But did people pushing YOU to quit ever make you quit? You said you quit when your were ready. The rant probably made you feel better at the time because you let off steam, but you feel worse now because you think you might have over-stepped. So I think you have to ask yourself if your motive is to save her (from herself) ...or to save YOURSELF by venting the frustration. If it is the latter, leave her out of it and just rant in private when you get home. You'll get it off your chest just the same but you won't have the guilty-wondering-if-you-were-out-of-line feelings afterward. She KNOWS it's bad for her. She will quit when SHE's ready. That's just my opinion. It's worth about 25 cents if you chip in a quarter.

I can relate to the mowing escapade. I was mowing our place a few years ago and opened my mouth to holler something to my husband. IN flew the biggest dang mosquito you can imagine. We were on the Gulf Coast in Texas at the time and skeeters rival hummingbirds down there. The thing must have flown by my mouth just as I inhaled. I heard the buzz and felt him hit the back of my throat. There he continued to buzz for what felt like several minutes while I hacked and sputtered and did my best cat-with-a-hairball impression. I finally got him up ...poor thing was drowned in my saliva and much worse for wear! At least I lived to tell about it. Can't say the same for him. LOL

SHARON said...

Yeh, you're right about feeling bad. That's why I have turned over a new 'tobacca leaf'. "Smoke 'em, if ya gotta 'em" I ain't saying another word to anybody. The heck with it. No, I don't need to rant to vent off frustration, I'm pass that. I just hate to see people go thru what Pat went thru. Most of her friends have no idea how she struggled and fought. But, if others want to 'go play in traffic' I'm letting them.