Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My friend Sue got back from Arizona on Sunday nite. She said she can die now, she saw two rattlers screwing. I appoligized for how I talked to her friend Pat, but she told me Pat never smoked on the entire trip. I don't know if Pat's husband George smokes or not. Fingers are crossed.
That said, I've decided to quit 'preaching' about such things. Also, I'm not talking until I'm blue-in-the-face about people needing to prepare. Their eyes glaze over and they just look like they're thinking, 'Oh boy, here she goes again.' They are all on their own. If they ask me a question, that's different, but, this world is heading fast and furious down the wrong road. This country is in trouble and we, who are preppers, know it. I believe everyone else just figures 'If I ignore it, things will eventually get better. I don't want to hear it.'
There was a lady at the same dude ranch as Sue, who couldn't get home 'cause of the volcano. She is from Norway. Another lady, who is a veterinarian, is at the ranch for one more week, told her she could bunk with her. The vet and her husband have a hospital for small animals, but she felt she needed to know more about horses so she was taking clinic classes at the ranch. The one from Norway was astounded at the invite. She said that would never happen in Europe. They question why you drive that SUV when you should have a small car. The people watch everything their neighbors do. Sounds like they are already indoctrinated over there. I told Sue that is what is headed for here. She just said, 'Yeh, well.'
On an up note, I bought another cordless phone at Radio Shack. I normally don't go to that chain store, they always seemed to be so condescending and opinionated. But, the manager at this store was a hoot, he was so nice, that I also bought a new camera. I'll be posting pics as soon as I figure the thing out.
A friend from work called me yesterday and told me he got a new email and wanted to give it to me. I told him to just send it to me. Then he told me, his wife left him and took the laptop with all the addresses on it. Crap. Last year, she had a blood clot in her leg and the doctors ended up taking it off. Now, she blames him. WTH!!
Then he asked me if I still wanted wood. I said yes and he told me a tree limb came down on top of his pick up last Friday in all that wind. I told him if it wasn't for bad luck he'd have no luck at all. I'm going up Friday with my chain saw, maybe Dad will go too 'cause I'm giving him the wood. Then another friend called later in the day and told me another couple we worked with split. Seems he's been seeing someone else since December. WTH!!
My mamma always said..............

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HossBoss said...

Actually, I see a lot of 'ups' to your day. Your friend's friend MIGHT quit smoking, you got a new phone AND a new camera and you're getting some free firewood, even if you are planning to give it to your dad.

Too bad about the couples breaking up. Forever used to mean something far different than it seems to mean today. Don't get me wrong, I've been divorced myself. But there are reasons and then there are REASONS. Mine happened to be the latter. These days any ol' excuse seems to do. Reminds me of high school, or worse ...junior high. Sad.