Friday, April 23, 2010


Didn't go for the wood today. He called, told me he was up sick all night. I told him it's just as well. Yesterday I rebult 2/3's of the stone wall out front in preperation of putting down mulch, so I'm stiff and sore today. I had a 'feeling' I wouldn't be going, 'cause I didn't load the chain saw and stuff last night. I use to get certain 'feelings' a lot in the past. I'd get real quiet for about 2 to 3 days, real sad and down. Then, someone would pass away. I have not had anything like that happen in a few years. And it came on me this week, two days later an old friend of Dad's that he farmed on the shares with, died. He was 95. A great man. Maybe its all just coincidences. Maybe not.
Since I'm not going for wood I guess I'll clean house and then mow the yard. We're suppose to have rain all weekend. If I get more than a day of rain, I'm in trouble with this yard. It takes a day or more to dry out.
Talked to my young friend Matt last night. He bought a shot gun to go turkey hunting. When his dad called me back later, I heard his mother yelling in the back ground, "YOU'RE A BAD INFLUENCE ON HIM." She was only kidding of course.
Had to repair one of my walking sticks this week. That's the second one. This was a 'design flaw'. I had carved it for my friend Sarah, and, it started out as a belsnickel. For those of you that don't know what that's like an old-timey Santa. Anyhow, when it was done, it looked like her brother Dick. So, they called it a Dick-snickel. She was cleaning last week and it fell. Poor guy lost his head. I brought it home, drilled a couple of holes, put in a small dowel. Now its much stronger.
Last year I had to fix the one I made for Trudy. It has two turtles on it and the one turtle lost his head. Another 'design flaw'?

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