Thursday, April 1, 2010


Been busy in the yard, after the rain finally quit. Today was just beautiful and I went out about 10 to get the last two piles of stuff that I'd raked up before the rain started. Then I figured I'd better cut up that tree limb that came down onto the neighbor's fence. I guess he figured it was my tree so I should take care of it. Really screwed up the fence tho. I'll stop at my Amish neighbor to tell him 'cause he was the one who put up the fence. I'd rather talk to Henry anyhow. Then cut up another dead limb and trimmed the cherry tree. NO I did not cut it down. Its really old but still budding out so I just cut the dead limbs out. All said and done, got a heaping wheelbarrow of wood for next winter. But this old body is tired, and still have more yard to clean up. Mostly its the flower beds that are left.

Saturday is the 'Mud Sale' at our fire company. Hundreds of people will be in our little village. There's one every week for months, put on by all the different volunteer fire companies. Good food, lots of bargains, everything from trees to tractors. I ain't going, too many people.

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