Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sorry about not posting for a while, been busy with the yard and trying to get this house in order. I've mowed 3 times already! It's raining now, so mowing tomorrow is not going to happen. Maybe by Saturday, if the sun is out strong, wind helps too. My yard is like a sponge and takes a while to dry out.

Wednesday went for lunch with my friend Denise. We used to work together and got laid off the same day. She will run out of UC benefits before I do 'cause she was on partial lay-off for a while. We worked on her resume for a while but then she had to be somewhere. I used to hate doing my resume, you have to sell yourself and I always felt I was bragging. Just hire me and let me get to work. That's pretty much the way she is too.

Went for my catfish tonight. Lois and Bill, Artie and Ross, Judy and Bob were all there and I surprised them with additional friends. Mike and Dave were coming back home from visiting their oldest daughter, Mike is a lady by-the-way, it's a nick-name, and they wanted to meet me at this other restaurant for supper. I told them about the 'round-table' suppers on Thursday at another place so they met me there. What a great time. Everybody talked like old friends. Judy has told me, "You know the nicest people and have the coolest friends." That's a compliment I'll relish for an eternity. Saturday, a group of us will meet at that other restaurant. Looking forward to that, it'll be the first time we've gotten together since November, when my friend Joanie died.

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