Saturday, October 29, 2011


Was up at 6:30 with the dogs and it was raining.  Decided to stay up, started both stoves and had the house nice and warm in no time.  About 9:30, took the dogs out and it was sleeting, so went over to dad's to check on him.  He still had his bandage on, so I took it off, the wound bled a little, coulda been a scab that pulled off with the dressing, put a bandaid on it.  He said he didn't have any pain, he had taken two tylenol last night, but didn't sleep well.  He woke up at 1 with Kitty-Ruth taking a bath and shaking the bed.  She is a big black and white cat.  Mo-Mo, he is a Maine Coon cat, was sleeping between Dad's head and the headboard.  Dad said he was protecting his wound.  LOL.  He thru both cats out of the bedroom and went back to bed.  Still didn't fall asleep until 3.  Before I left dad's it was snowing pretty hard.  Big flakes.  Then it turned to rain this after and before the afternoon was over it was back to snow.  Was just out with the pups again and it's raining.  They keep threatening power outages, so I ground some coffee in case I have to use the wood stove.  I have a special pot that we've always used for coffee made on the wood stove. 

Mike called me this evening.  He is the fellow that gave me the two dogs.  He sounded good, I told him to come down anytime and see them.  He said Daisy never slept on the bed and laughed when I told him she jumped up on the bed the first night like she's always done it.  He was glad Coco was losing weight.  He is finally divorced and she is building a new house with her money she got from suing the doctor over losing her leg.  She bought him a used 2010 GMC truck and paid off his bills.  That was all he wanted.  When he was finally evicted from their house by the bank, he moved in with her until he could find a place.  They are still civil to each other, which is good for their 12 year old son. 
I got a call from the landlady about a reference for him 'cause she was renting the place to him now, not his wife.  We had a nice chat.  

Well, need to punch up the stove and head to bed,



Dizzy-Dick said...

Be carefull on your white halloween. I have seen snow this early when I lived in PA but not in the amoung I hear you all are having. Pretty early for snow. Do you think you will have a white winter?

SHARON said...

I think the weather is as screwed up as this country and the rest of the world. I've been told by several people we are in for a nasty winter.