Monday, October 24, 2011


It never fails, I look at the calendar at the beginning of the month and think, "Well, this month I won't be too busy, maybe I can get some stuff accomplished around here."  HA, I think I had two days off so far, but, doing things with Dad and for him is still cool and a necessity.  I won't have him one day, and, I'll be able to look back and smile at some of the stuff we got into.

Got another estimate for these propane heaters from the guy I bought the wood stoves from a few years ago.  $2900.  Quite a difference from the first bunch at $4606.  Then, I was reminded by Suzy yesterday that the first guy I talked to was the same company that screwed up a friend of our's heating system.  So, now I have LOTS of ammo if he gives me a bunch of crap about not hiring them.  Can't wait.

The propane guy is coming this morning to access the requirements of a tank and running the lines.  My friend Trudy told me they are very good to work with.  She use to work with an agency that helped people when there was no money and they were out of heat.  So she would know about these things.  The house was cold this morning, cause I didn't bank the stove before I went to bed.  Can't wait to wake up to a warm house.

Took Dad to the doctor's on Thursday for him to look at this cyst on the top of his head.  They were going to schedule the surgery for late November and I look at the lady and quietly said, "Can't you find something a little sooner, while we still have this ball rolling?"  She understood immediately and we're booked for Friday at noon.  On Wednesday, we go to the orthopedic doctor for his knees.  That leaves his hearing and then his bottom teeth.  He keeps saying, "At my age, why bother?"  I keep telling him, "You need quality of life dad."

We still are having problems with that $%^&* JD not getting fuel.  I told him four times on Saturday that we need to take that settlement bowl off again.  We took the gas line off from it to the carburator, poured some gas in it, and the tractor started right up.  Took the plug out on the other side of the settlement bowl and the gas just poured out, so, the problem is in the middle of the thing.  It looks like it's back together right, it has enough gas in it.  I wonder what he has planned for today, 'cause he is doing everything he can think of to not remove that bowl.

Daisy started playing with one of Archie's stuffed toys yesterday.  I don't think she every had a toy.  But, Archie is selfish and now they fight.  I'm going to buy her one today, just for her.  Coco was playing with a ball also.  These guys must've not had much attention or inter-action with anyone.  I noticed no toys came with them.  No wonder they've adjusted so well, I talk to them and wuss on them all of the time.

Go over to the kymber and jambaloney website and show them some support.  What a nasty few days they have had.  It's a shame some of us don't live closer.  What's the matter with some people?

Went with Sue and Sarah yesterday.  They had to take their dog, Pepper, he's a black Cocker, back to the opthamoligist.  He had a cataract removed and a lens put in.  Now he's showing signs of glaucoma in the same eye.  So, new drops were prescribed.  The doctor was very nice and co$t conscience.  He was thrilled that they can get the one drop for only $6.  Then we went over to Barb and Ben's.  We had a real nice visit, and, since she is English, of course she had the kettle on. 

Well, almost 10 and Jake will be here soon, better go.


Addendum............New tank...$1200, Reconditioned tank, with new valves...$900.  Went with the Reconditioned one, talked with my friend Chuck, who is a retired gas man.  He said that it will be fine.


Stephen said...

I know for sure October is flying by, but I've yet to live out November...or did I miss something...

Dizzy-Dick said...

You see, the older we get the faster months go by, right? Wow, I don't think you can get dogs cataracts removed donw here in Texas. I will have to look into that. Hope you get your Dad back in good shape.

SHARON said...

Thanks Stephen, corrected.

Dizzy....My friends went to a special vet. Cost them $3600 for the initial visit and the operation. I'm guessing by the time they're done, it'll be a 5K eye. But, he's worth it. Dad is gonna be better than new when we're done.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Wow, that is a lot of cash. My cataract operation didn't cost that much, so I had both done (grin).