Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Nice steady rain today, chance of 'dunavetter'.  Not sure about the spelling but it's dutch and it means thunderstorms.  Got a call from Clinton, gave me a price of $1500 to fix the barn.  I think that's reasonable and told him OK.  He said he'd like cash for the firewood and I don't blame him. 
Have one more phone call to make about these propane heaters.  I was talking to Fred last night and he said to try the place where I got both wood stoves.  DUH, I never thought of them.  He also thought that $4600 was a little too much.  So I'll call that place this morning.  Maybe this will happen after all.
Have a doctor's appointment this after.  Just a check up to get yelled at about my chloresterol.  I hope I haven't gained any weight.  Back when I had to take those strong antibiotics when Charlie bit me,  I drank a LOT of milkshakes.  At least, that was my excuse.
Dad has a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm going with him.  I do not like his doctor.  He is a geratic specialist and should retire.  I'm going loaded for bear.  So, those of you in the south, look to the north.  And those of you in the north, look to the south.  Those of you out west, look to the east.  There might be a small mushroom cloud in Pennsylvania.



Dizzy-Dick said...

They give livestock anti-biotics so that they will gain weight. Anit-biotics are a fungal mico-toxin.

Stephen said...

Good luck and standing by...

kymber said...

i just saw your comment at North's blog...and i like North so anyone who comments there is someone i need to check out. so i checked you out and you seem like good people! but the biggest, flashing sign saying "Sharon is good people" is a comment from my dear friend Stephen right above mine.

i will add you to our blogroll and follow your blog. and i will catch up on all of your previous posts.

i hope that both your Dad's and your appointments went well. i haven't read anything about any mushroom clouds on the news hoping that is a good sign.

nice to drop by and i will be visiting again!


SHARON said...

Well, good to hear from you kymber. Dizzy and Stephen always are among the first to comment and I appreciate all comments.