Friday, March 12, 2010


It raining pitchforks and hammerhandles. Suppose to be worse tomorrow. Yesterday, I got all 'springy' and took the kindling box and the wood rik out to the wood shed. Tonight, I had to bring back in a handful of wood.
Still have a lot of yard to finish raking, but, it'll have to wait until next week now. The crocus', iris and tulips are up. When I came home tonight from having supper with Bob and Judy, the kneedeeps were chirping, or singing or cheeping. Whatever kneedeeps do, I guess in some places they are called chicadas, I think. Anyhow, its a sure sign of spring.
I really like this computer now. Maybe the new modem is making the difference. I just discovered it has a web cam. LOL, don't know what good that'll do. I know what I look like.

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HossBoss said...

Sorry to hear of your friend's job troubles, but glad to hear she's the self-sufficient type. I don't know her, of course, but if she's practical-minded enough to be frugal and raising her own food, she's practical-minded enough to come to terms with her situation.

I was just going to ask what in the heck 'kneedeeps' were, but then you explained. I am familiar with cicaedas, they are commonly called katydids in the south. I haven't heard them this spring yet, but the grass is growing, the clover is blooming and the trees are budding. So it won't be long. We plant the garden tomorrow ...oh boy!

Glad you worked out the kinks with your new computer. : )