Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today is my half-sister's birthday and she would have been 72. I can't dwell on this 'cause I can't afford another rifle. (See posting of March 3rd). We weren't raised together, she and her older brother came to live with us as teenagers. Didn't stay long and went to live with their father. I didn't see them again until they were both married with children. Jerry and I got closer as we got older and she was my matron of honor when I got married. She married a guy with one son and they had one son. My nephew is a great guy, loves GTO's, buys, sells, races and shows them. Last count I heard he had seven, but that changes weekly. He's married and has two beautiful daughters.

I can't believe I had the wood stove going last night. It's freakin' cold here today and I need to mow the yard. I'll have to get out my long underwear. Still have more raking to do but it's just too cold. In a few months it'll be too hot. Just can't keep me happy.

I was out this morning with the dogs and two of the cats always go out, Lily and Elijah. I tell them to stay out back and away from the road. The dogs and I came in and a little while later so did Elijah, no sign of Lily. So, before I could set down and enjoy my breakfast I had to find that cat. I walked all over this yard and called and called. No cat. Got to the back door and she was inside looking at me. I SWEAR I don't remember her coming in. I hate it when that happens.

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