Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday, I went over to Dad's to help him fix the driving light on his GMC. He went to a sale a couple of weeks ago, had to park in a field, driving over what he thought was a pile of snow turned out to be ice. Took out his right driving light. When I went to the dealer to make an appointment for his LOF, he asked me to price a new bracket. I told him, "You'll have to buy the whole light" 'Nah, all I need is the bracket' Uh huh, right. I asked the parts guy, new assembly....$130. Told Dad....'Ha, I'll make one out of tin, that's what the truck is made of!' So, for the last two days, thats what we've been doing. But, its back on, and it works. It was the principle of the thing, I guess.
So, back to the first part....I went over to Dads to help him with this project and we determined we needed longer bolts, mm, fine threads, two nuts. I put Archie in the truck and headed for the hardware store. As I'm pulling out of Dad's driveway, onto the road, getting ready to hit the gas, the neighbor's boxer comes running towards the road. Next thing I see is Archie, leash and all, flying out the window. I slam on the brakes, jam on the e-brake, jump out of the truck expecting to find him laying under it. NO, he's down in the yard smelling Reese's butt. I yell for him, that spooked the boxer, he takes off with Archie on his tail, barking and snipping. The only way I was able to get him was because he stopped to pee. I smacked his ass, picked him up, hit my head on a tree limb. I'm seeing stars, the dog is squirming, the truck is in the middle of the road and, sitting behind it, very patiently is a guy in a van. Probably killing himself laughing at this stupid woman trying to get this dog.

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