Saturday, March 20, 2010


What a georgous day it was. Spent the better part of this day with my two best friends, Sue and Sarah. We met for breakfast at the same restaurant I have my catfish on Thurday night. Boy, was it packed. Had to wait for a table. We then strolled across the street to the little used book store and got goodies. After that we drove to another small town that has an Outback store, with a sale going on! Sue is going to Arizona with a friend in a few months and spending a week on a ranch. She needed new boots, jeans and had to get a hat. I love hats. She doesn't even like to try them on. I found the perfect one but she wanted one that was crushable. From there we went to another book store and got more goodies. Then to a Pizza Hut for lunch. That was our day. I had to stop and get milk for Dad and take it over to him. His neighbor came up and said the bank had been robbed this morning. It was just a couple of blocks from where we had breakfast. Come to find out, the robber didn't even make it into the bank. The teller told him she didn't have the key to the vault, so he hit her and ran off.

I had a long talk on Wednesday with the four cats. I explained to them that it is going to be mighty cold this winter when they are out in the barn. So someone better get busy and catch this mouse or its curtains for all of them. Last night, Lucy got one, she was torturing it in the tub, I told her to handle it. Later I threw out what was left. This afternoon, when I got home. Lucy and Charlie had one in the tub. I later through out its remains. I still hear another one, but, they've tasted blood now, only a matter of time, it's death is imminent.

Later in the night, I heard a ruckus and #3 bit the dust. I guess that little talk must've helped.

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