Monday, March 8, 2010


Had trouble with the computer again yesterday. Called Texas and got the same fellow as before. Turns out my modem took a shit. He tried for 40 minutes but I could not get on line. He said, "Someone will be there on Tuesday with a new one." I came home today and there it was. Plugged it in, and ta-da!!! I am up, and running, and wireless, and faster.
Just got a call from the framers and my little sampler is done. Going to pick it up tomorrow. Wish I hadn't broken my camera, I'd take a picture. Maybe I shouldn't of bought that Henry rifle. Lets see,,, rifle...nah, I needed the rifle, I just want another camera. Mamma always said, "If you got what you need, your wants won't hurt ya." My mom's name was Betty and my friend Sarah calls those little tidbits.....'Bettyisms'. Mother had a lot of them and once in a while, they'll creep into my vocabulary. They are always good for a laugh. GOD, I miss her. She would be livid at what's happening today with this country, and vocal, VERY vocal. And, I know what she'd do to Bam-Bam....

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