Sunday, May 16, 2010


This weekend has been absolutely beautiful. I guess Mother Nature is apologizing for what she sent to us on Friday night. I left the restaurant as it was starting to rain, stopped at the store and before I could get out to the truck, it was pouring. I mean buckets. I finally made a run for it, after all, I ain't sugar and am not going to melt, most likely I'll smear. Anyway, on the way home it started hailing, I was concerned for the windshield, so I ducked into a drive-thru porch at one of the churches and waited it out. Got home OK, one of the new maple trees we'd planted on the north side had lost it's top and a couple of limbs came down on the other side of the house, but no damage. A neighbor on the other road lost part of his roof and west of him there was a lot of trees down. One guy closer to the river lost an implement shed and a couple of smaller buildings. Some are saying it was a tornado. Not much in the paper about it 'cause we are the poorest township of the county, and they never write about us.
Went to breakfast with Daddy and Sarah and a couple of her friends, at the fire hall. Then took the trash over to the truck. $4 a month is a lot better that $19. Then went to the grocery store, more preps, but not enough. Came home, got Archie and went to the Historical Society Meeting, I have to take the dog or those older members would have a fit. He's considered the mascot now. Came home and sawed the limbs up and took the top down out of that tree. I was just too beat to mow, so, I was a heathen and mowed the yard today.
I'm also cooking chicken for Archie, he throws up dog food. I cut off the fat and smaller pieces and fried them up for Cleo, made some gravy. She'll love that. Then I'll make some soup for me. Can't buy regular soup 'cause I'm alergic to MSG and it's in most soups. I have to look close when I do buy.
Now, I'm going to clean this house. I'm giving serious thought about contacting an auctioneer and taking the majority of this stuff to an auction house and get what I get. It's dragging me down. I moved the freezer out of the laundry room and managed to get it out to the barn. I have a dolly, I ain't Super Woman. The laundry room looks SSSOOO much better with out it. Gonna make it happen. The less stuff I have the less stress in my life. Still thinking about buying a camper, but that's on the back burner as long as I have my father. But, when he's gone, there's nothing to keep me here.

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