Monday, May 31, 2010


Got invited by my friends, Sue and Sarah, to their mom's farm for a cookout. Archie went also. He had never met Mama D. and Uncle Bryan, Aunt Amy and Cousin John. They thought he was adorable. They have three dogs (down from their usual five). Simon is a golden retriever, 12 years old. Rock and Chloe are Pitt Bull/Lab mix, 2 years old, brother and sister, he's black and she is a dark yellow. Georgous dogs. I shoulda took pics.
Then stopped at dad's but he was working on the hood of the JD620, so I didn't stay long.
Then got a call from Ross to meet him and Artie at the restaurant. Boy, I'm stuffed, I don't know. But, I went, had a fruit platter.
More storms moving thru as I left the restaurant. They all went north and judging from the traffic on the scanner they must've been nasty. Lot of water rescues and wires down. It's still black over by the river, so we might get hit yet. Oh well, my wash is done, the yard is mowed and still managed to spend time with my friends....

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