Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am ssssoooo pissed off. If my child was in Live Oak High School. He or she would be wearing red, white and blue for the rest of its life. What in-the-name-of-all-that-is-holy is the matter with that administration? A bunch of panty-waist, a saying that my old granddad used. GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

And another thing, in Missouri, shooting the family dogs IN FRONT of a 7 year old. Talk about tramatizing someone. I am speechless over that one. What a bunch of 'bleeping' idiots.

Went for my catfish tonight. More laughs that ever, and you sure do need laughter this day and age. We had people stop at our table on the way out, perfect strangers, and say 'Boy, you guys are having fun, we were going to come back and sit at this table.' We said, 'come ahead, the more the merrier.'

Got up early this morning to go with Dad to one of his banks. They sent him a letter and a form to sign. His CD account is considered dormant and its the PA state law they have to do this or turn the money over to the state or charge him $25 a year. All he would've had to do is sign the d**n form. No, he has to go in there and make a big deal about it. I said, 'Pull your money out or sign the form.' He signed the form. Then we went to the fuel oil dealers to pay the bill. He'd ordered 200 gallons, 'cause he heats his hot water with it. The guy put in 197.7. So he had to give that lady a hard time. She had his number tho. When he told her why he was there and he didn't get the full 200 gallons. She was quick with a come back......"Did you bring a can?" I loved it. Dad did too, he laughed. He retired from there years ago to take care of Mom. They give him a special price and coddle him, he loves that. But, really, men!!!!

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