Friday, July 30, 2010


My friend Bob called me this morning. "Hey, whatcha doing?" "Nothing, why?" "Wanna go to Cabela's with me?" "Sure!" His wife, Judy, hates the place because of all the stuffed animals. The guys I use to work with were always telling me 'you need to go to Cabela's' 'I can't believe you've not been to Cabela's' Well, now I've been to Cabela's. What a treat that was. I can't get over the size of the place and everyone was SO nice. You could strike up a conversation with anyone. It took most of the day and I really enjoyed myself. Got some ammo and some other goodies.
Then met everyone for dinner and when they found out where we went and what I bought!!!!! Lois said, "Are you expecting a war?" Well...............maybe.
Got home and expected to find a mishap from poor Archie being in the house for most of the day, but, he was a very good boy. Cleo was outside because it was not very hot today. My kids are so good. So, I am set for the most part, but, must still get some more food stocked up. Just still have that crazy feeling or, maybe it's just the Girl Scout coming out in me.


HossBoss said...

Have you ever been to Gander Mountain? Another fun place.

: )

SHARON said...

No, but that is on my list.