Sunday, May 8, 2011

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.............

Went over to Dad's this morning to put drops in his eye. He has two more weeks of this, then its done. I wished him a Happy Mother's Day, he laughed and said thank-you. I told him, "Well, Mom's gone (22nd of this month it'll be 13 years) and you're both mother and father."
My mother was a hoot. 5'2" tall. She always said 'Dynamite comes in small packages.' Never walked up a flight of stairs, always ran. She was the fourth child in a brood of twelve. Worked from the age of 12. Two of the four brothers went to Ohio, everyone else stayed in West Virginia. She came to Pennsylvania during WWII to make big money in the ammunitions plant. She and other girls boarded with people that would end up my grandparents. Dad said when he saw those brown curls and heard that southern accent he was a goner, and he's still a sucker for southern accents.
When mom was diagnosed with altzeimers in 1980. He retired to take care of her, keeping her at home until she passed. He told me, "I married your mother for better or worse, I've had the better, now, this is the worse." She would have done the same for him. When she died that Friday morning, he cried like his heart was broken. People say I looked like her, that's cool. I miss her insight and humor. But, I'm comforted in knowing we'll be seeing each other again.

Oh, and the picture up top is them on their first date, around 1943.


HossBoss said...

What a special tribute to both your parents, Sharon.

People who knew my mom tell me I look just like her too. She's been gone since 1989 and I miss her every day. But I have the same comforting assurance, she's waiting for me just inside the gate.

Have a wonderful week!

SHARON said...

Thanks, it's comforting to know we'll all see each other again.