Saturday, September 3, 2011


A big HELLO to 'Duke', a new follower.

Now, let me see, what have I done so far today. Two loads of wash, hung my township maps (that I got framed before I lost my job) in the stairwell going to the second floor. That way they won't fade. Took all of the family photos that were hung in that stairwell and hung them in the living room. Now I can enjoy looking at my ancestors. Oh, it rained a teeny bit this morning so I burned the trash. Put the new battery in Cleo IF collar and put the new collar on Daisy. Started training her, and, when I took her close to the fence, she could hear the tone going off, then her head started to shake, poor thing didn't know what was going on but I think she'll do ok. My first two dogs, Cris and Ashlea were trained by the Invisible Fence people. Then, when I got Abby and Buddy, the first two dogs sorta trained them, then Teddy and Cleo came along and Abby and Buddy trained them. My friend Artie said to me last night, "Well, I don't like the invisible fence system, another dog can still come in and fight with yours. You need a real fence to keep them out." I ALMOST said, 'Yeh, well, not everyone has $10,000 like you to put up a fancy plastic fence.' But, I let it slide, I must be mellowing out.
Well, must get over to dads.


Went to dad's, helped him close off the A/C hot-air return for the winter. Figured out the gas leak in the carb of the JD620, now he needs a new bowl for the carborator. He said the power steering is also acting up, has it turning left, nothing turning right. I think this tractor is haunted.
Came home and mowed most of the yard, still a lot of storm clean up in the upper part under the trees.
Fed the critters, fed me, need to put the flea stuff on the gang also. Think I'll clean house tomorrow. Going to veg out then go to bed.



Dizzy-Dick said...

I figured if a dog ran fast enough, he would go right over the invisible fince without much pain. I just bought 100 feet of wire fencing and a few metal fence posts and put up a small area for the dogs. Connected the fence to the house in two place whcih gave them a lot of room. Not much cost at all.

SHARON said...

Well, some people swear by it, some people swear at it. But, yes, you are right. I've lost two dogs to the road. Jenny, who wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box, she was part Golden Retreiver and par Irish Setter. Beautiful dog, dumb as a box of rocks. We got her at about 2 years old and she had NO training. Then Cleo's brother, Teddy, figured out if he got all the way back at the creek and took a good run, he could get thru it with a little zap. Cleo is on it, now Daisy, but their personalities will work with the fence. I haven't decided about Coco, she is pretty docile and listens really well. I would not put Archie on it because he is SO hard headed.
My dad wanted to build a fence for me when I bought the place 40 years ago. I told him, who is going to paint it and trim around it, then fill in the holes when the dogs dig under it. He thought the IF was 'pouring money down a rat hole'. Six months later, he was bragging about it. Thanks for stopping by, my friend, enjoy your Sunday.