Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, I finally just had to shoot that Henry. What a sweet little gun. Now I must go back to the gun shop and get a cleaning kit, cause I'm going to do that again and again. I also ordered a 2-rifle hard case from Plano on Wednesday. It came on Saturday! Talk about service! It is perfect for the Henry and my 410 Savage. Keep them safe and clean.
It's going to hit 50 today, the snow is just about gone. I don't know what happen to the blizzard we were all talking about 2 weeks ago. It was suppose to be today, they were calling it the 'granddaddy of all snow storms'. All we're getting is a blizzard of sunshine and warmth.
Finally got fed up with not be able to get this wireless to work. So, I called my provider, who is in Texas, and spoke English!!! In about 20 minutes, he patiently walked me thru it and now....I'm wireless!! Woo-Hoo. I can sit on the porch and blog!! Of course, then I'm telling everyone I have a computer. But with 2 satellite dishes in the side yard, and a 60' tower at the south end of the house, I figure everyone probably knows we are electronic literate. I'll be alright, those same people can also hear the gun shots when I target practice. It was really cool when my friend Matt came down to sight in his bear gun. Sounded like a canon, the village probably thought the revolution had started.
Still plugging away at the living room. I keep staring at the one wall that's done, when I need inspiration. I think I'll work at it this afternoon.


HossBoss said...

Good for you, Sharon! A healthy dose of sunshine and a warming trend does wonders for the winter blues, don't you think? Yeoldfurt is always getting frustrated with me 'telling too much' about what we have or don't have. I'm just naturally open and trusting and he's just naturally not ...ha! I figure what's the use of having stuff you're afraid to use because somebody might see that you have it. But that's just me... : )

SHARON said...

I totally agree. GOD doesn't give us a 'spirit of fear'.

HossBoss said...

Except of spiders, right?