Sunday, May 2, 2010


Its an Amish word, not sure of the spelling, it means 'out-of-sorts'. The English have a saying 'at sixes and sevens' and it means a state of confusion. I'm sure I could continue around this world and come up with many more, but, you get my drift. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, again. Something like waiting on the next storm to come in. You know it'll arrive, you are just not sure exactly when. With all of the tornadoes and earthquakes and volcanic activity, it's enuf to put you out of sorts, but, add all of the stupidity out of Washington, a person could just want to go hide somewhere until it's all over.

Went to a little village yesterday, with friends, Sue and Sarah. It was a May Festival. Good food and nice people. This is one of two 'cottages' that they bought to restore. Check out the size of those stones. It's amazing how high they were able to get them. That nasty crack on the left was caused by freezing/thawing this winter. The museum has a lot of work ahead. One man has almost 1000 volunteer hours in these houses.
Then we stopped at the local golf course for a early supper. She just started serving a dinner menu, hope it works out 'cause the food is great.
It's really cloudy here today, one minute looks like rain and then the sun's out. I put a thermometer up in the maple tree, out of the sun and it has been 80 most of the day. I hope it cools down again so I can finish mulching.
I just cleaned out the little freezer in the laundry room. Getting rid of it. Its a small apartment size unit but I don't need it. Don't know what to ask for it, yet. I'm sure if I advertise it in our local 'advertiser' paper that it'll sell quickly. Whatca think.......$100?

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HossBoss said...

I would look in your local paper, or locally on Craigslist and see what they're selling for. We are in a college town and they go from $50-$100. You can buy them new for $100-$150 around here. But I'm sure price varies geographically.