Saturday, June 11, 2011


Rained during the night, woke me up, don't know how long but I don't have to water anything this morning.

Thumb still hurts like hell. Still bleeding some through the cut in the nail.

More people must be outa work that live in the village. I've noticed very little traffic on the road this spring. Use to be like a race track from five to seven, morning and night. Not so now. Of course, some could've moved or retired I guess.

Found a new blog, check it out. This is the link. It's only his first posting, but, he had me a 'some parents are assholes'.


HossBoss said...

Well! I typed a three paragraph comment (I know ...I'm verbose sometimes) and Blogger ate it! Grrrr!

I (think) I said other than guarding against infection, there's probably not much can be done about your poor thumb. I know you'll probably lose the nail, but it might be a blessing that it was punctured in the accident. That kind of swelling underneath an intact nail adds a whole new level of pain to the healing process! You can try Anbesol (sp?) or any baby teething analgesic for the pain. It helps more than you'd think. Also maybe mix up some Epsom Salts in a short glass and soak your thumb ...might help with the swelling and would definitely help guard against any infection. I'm sorry, kiddo ...that's all I got for you on that subject.

Thank for the link to the new blogger. I liked the three posts he has up so far and I'm a follower now too. When I added him to my blogroll, I deleted half a dozen others that have not posted in a year or more. No reflection of my opinion on their posts, I just don't think they are blogging any more and I needed to make room.

Hope your thumb feels better soon. Glad you got some rain! Now I'm going to COPY this before I attempt to post it ...just in case Blogger is still hungry!!!!

SHARON said...

WHRWH, the odd thing's not swollen or bruised. But the nail will definitely be history. At the last place I worked, when the guys would smashed their thumbs or fingers, the first thing they would do to the nail is drill a hole in it. We had a specific bit, kept in the office, and they would very gently, using the other hand, drill the hole so the blood would escape. Then the throbbing would go away. I miss those guys. Hey, thanks for stopping in!!!

Anonymous said...

I was a machinist in my work life...have drilled through my fingernail many works to relieve the pressure and pain. We also super glued clean cuts back together after cleaning them out good..When I had my second knee replacement...they superglued it back together!!

SHARON said...

Frann, I know what you're saying, girl. The first time one of the guys did that, I was amazed. And, I might have to do it yet because the blood is pooling at the cuticle.
I think superglue is better than staples!
Thanks for stopping in.