Monday, June 20, 2011


I got my HP printer when I got the new laptop back in March. The same day as the devastating earthquake in Japan. It's been set up since then. Over the weekend, I tried to print a picture of my ex's house. What can I say, I was curious to see where he has lived all these years. Turns out it was his parents house, they're both gone. He lived there with his fourth wife. Poor dude, all I can say is I wouldn't have lived there. Anyhow, I digress.
The 'bleeping' printer would not print. This morning was spent uninstalling the printers 'cause at one time I was showing four of the same printer, and re-installing the printer. Then it wouldn't go wireless, figured that out. Printed the picture, for some unknown reason it is hanging on my fridge. I know, I'm a sick, sick woman. I was always a little sad that our marriage didn't work out, and, at one time, blamed myself totally. Having looked at his family tree, yeh, I spent the weekend doing that also, I already said I was a sick woman, there were four kids, and 13 grandchildren that I've found, a total of 15 marriages, 10 divorces, 1 death of a spouse, so far. Maybe it wasn't my fault after all.


Kellie said...

LOL! that is not being sick! that is proving to yourself you are not to blame for ALL the bad.

I still go through stuff like that. Not that I will mention exactly what I do..... ;)

SHARON said...

Yeh, you're right. He's the only mistake I've ever loved. Oh well, live and learn. The fourth wife must've been tougher than the rest of us. Thanks for stopping in.