Sunday, June 12, 2011


Found another new blog. This guy is a good read. I envy his location.

Had a storm come through, got a nice steady rain out of it and the nastys went north. Now the sun is out and its getting hotter. No breeze, maybe I'll turn the AC back on for a bit. I hate running it, I prefer the sounds of nature.

Thumb still feels weird but it is no longer hurting. I'm not sure its broke now. I can type and pick up things with little pain.

I noticed I got another follower, wow, 10 people. I know to some of you that have hundreds, that doesn't seem like anything to celebrate, but, to me, I'm gobsmacked, as my English friend Barb says.
Definition: flabbergasted, astounded, shocked;
Etymology: from gob 'mouth' + smacked 'clapping hand over in surprise'

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