Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Lets hope and pray it's not gonna be like the tornado 'season'. TWC is already starting with the hype. I guess its good to be aware of the possiblities, but sometimes I think they over-do it.

I broke down and turned the AC on yesterday. Poor Cleo just can't take the humidity and heat anymore. Neither can her momma. I turn it off at night, down here along the creek is a lot cooler, and I can sleep better and hear better. About 30 years ago, around 1 in the morning, I heard something on the gravel. The dogs started barking, I looked out and saw a small truck in the driveway. So, I let the dogs out, they went tearing around the house and by that time the truck had backed out and went down the road. They had said, "Do you hear those f---ing dogs?" "Yeh, I aint messing with no f---ing dogs!" The next day I called the state cops and talked with a trooper. I asked him about loading the gun (at that time, I was still taking care of mother over here when dad had business to do, one time she walked out of the bedroom carrying the shotgun, so I unloaded it, don't know how she found it, thought I had it put out of site) anyhow, the trooper said the dogs are a big deterrant, but, it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

But, on a lighter note. Check out Rural Revolution about her new book. So proud of Patrice and happy for her.

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HossBoss said...

That's why I like dogs in the house with me. They still alert to whatever is in the yard and they can be a real ADDED deterrent to would-be bad guys who think they have found easy pickin's. But a dog that lives in the yard 24/7 tends to bark ...even if they only bark when there is cause, the people in the house tend to grow immune to the barking. The dog is first defense and a good distraction while I get my 20 gauge. If the 60 pound (looks like Pit) Boxer doesn't convince them, I'm pretty sure the universally recognized sound of a pump shotgun would.

: )