Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just talked to my cousin's wife, and she's a tad upset. Seems the two daughters of my other cousin that just passed came up from Maryland. They took his cash, guns, motorcycle and checkbook. THEY are handling the arrangements. She said, "Don't tell your Dad." Oh, yes I will. He went thru the very same thing when his Uncle died.
He died on Easter Sunday and the next Saturday, I was at my parents house and the phone rings. It's Uncle Jack being oh so cordial asking for my father. I told Dad that Uncle Jack was on the phone and he came into the kitchen and answered it. After a bit, Dad raises his voice and says, "What are you talking about?" "NO, we were just happy to give them a house to live in for $50 a month." Seems Uncle Jack found out another nephew, Harold, and his wife, Mary, went up to the house and cleaned it out. Uncle Jack assumed Dad and Mother were in on it. So, he got straightened out real quick. Then we went over there, sure enuf, place was completely bare. Mother called around and found out which Auction House they took the stuff, so we all went. They couldn't even look at us. Ill-gotten gains. Within a year, the oldest son's wife left him and took the kids and not long after that Mary died. They really didn't achieve anything but piss off the family. This will happen to Ken's girls also. It's a given. What goes around, comes around. Bad JuJu!!!!


Kellie said...

Greed. It just ruins people. so sad. I hope ya'all stop them in their tracks and they are deeply DEEPLY humiliated!

SHARON said...

Hey Kellie, thanks for the comment. I doubt if the other 3 brothers and their sister will do anything. They're all pretty easy going. I don't understand how the girls could take anything out of the house until the estate is settled. I guess the family could raise a stink about that, but, I'm just a cousin and I'm staying out of it.