Wednesday, June 15, 2011


First thing I did today was buy some dog food. They were out and the cats were getting low. I'm trying the cats on something new and a little less expensive. Next thing was gas up the car and tomorrow, I'll fill the truck. Then tread lightly for another month. Come July I should be over this illness of mefundsarelow.

Got most of that tree moved down to the wood shed. I don't burn pine until it sits for four or five years. After that, its dried up to the point of being dozy. Then it is a great starter for the stove.

Suppose to rain tomorrow and Friday. I hope so. Neighbor's corn is up about a foot but it needs rain for sure.

Had a salad for supper, two glasses of cold milk. Gonna pee the dogs, find Lily, who is outside, and head to dream land.


Anonymous said...

I am on payday countdown myself..5 more days!

Dizzy-Dick said...

Payday?? What is a payday?