Thursday, June 30, 2011


Went for my blood work this morning. Wanted to get there by 7 but overslept and when I woke up at 9, I was a bit putout. But, wait a minute, most of the people that go to this lab are ancient and drive Buicks. They still get up at the crack of dawn to do their day. So, I felt better, and, got there about 10:30. Sure enuf, hardly anyone was there. I stopped at the front desk and she asks all the same questions she asked the last time. "Do you have your lab order?" "No, they faxed it in yesterday." "I don't have it." I called the doctor's office, and Karen tells me it was the last thing she did before she left at quarter to six last night. But, she will send them another one. I thanked her and sat down. Next thing ya know my name is called, I go thru all the same questions plus the 'Do you have your lab order?'"No, they faxed it last night, you guys can't find it, she is faxing it again." And, there it came! I'm still wondering where the first one went.

This afternoon I'm sitting at the 'puter and Cleo starts raising cane. There has been an elderly woman walking down my road to the bridge. She then walks back up the road to the village. It's about a mile from the bridge to her house. So today, I went out to get the dog and she said, "Oh she doesn't bother me, you need a dog like that, she is just protecting her property." So, I put the mouthy beast in and we struck up a lenthy conversation. Her sister was married to an uncle of a friend of mine and we knew a lot of the same people. What a sweetheart. She and her husband were married 3 years then he was hurt on the job, badly hurt, and she took care of him for the next 44 years! He passed last year. She had a special lift put in to get him from the bed to the toilet and the bath tub. I mean she was a wonderful caregiver.

The amish girls stopped by on their pony cart, selling green beans, $1.50 for a lunch bag full, while we were out on the porch chit-chattin'. Mary said she didn't have any money on her 'cause she was walking. I'm always a sucker for anything those girls have. So I bought two bags and gave one to Mary. She was so grateful, said she had a nice piece of ham in the fridge that she could put in with the beans. It was a good day.


HossBoss said...

Sounds like a great day! You made a new friend and got a heckuva deal on some homegrown goodies. I wish there were Amish around here. I'd like to buy, trade and learn from them.

: )

michael ultra said...

Sharon~I don't know what my deal is. In my younger days, I stayed out late and got up later. 5-6:00 am now. It doesn't matter if I stay up late. Go figure.

Stephen said...

Just reading about those beans makes me hungry. Very nice blog you have here and I've added you to my blog listings. Have a great weekend.

Arsenius the Hermit said...

Ho, Stephen! Life treating you well? Things are good on my end, especially over the holiday weekend.

Sharon, I wish we had some Amish to buy from. We do have some Mennonites on the far side of my county but they keep to themselves, you never see them but once in a blue moon.

SHARON said...

HB, good to hear from you. Yeh, this Amish family is pretty nice, as is most around here. There are a few that should be avoided. But, there's good and bad in all of us.

Michael, yeh, go figure, when you can sleep in is when you can't.

Steven, why thanks for the hook up. I like you blog also.

Arsenius, been reading you from the start. Love your place and frame of mind. Your wife is a lucky girl.